Preparing Images For Competitions

Competition Definitions

Monthly Competitions Open Subject, Set Subject and Monochrome View it here!

Monthly Competition Set Subject View them here!

Creative Photography Competition (The David Tilley Memorial Trophy). View it here!

The May Nature Competition (The Pelican Award). View it here!

Competition Rules (View them on the Competition page) or download them here!

Audio/Visual (AV) Rules and Guidelines. View it here!

Triptych Definition and Guidelines. View it here!

The Naming Convention for all Competitions:

EDI Colour Images:
EDI Monochrome Images:
[for Advance Photographer]
[for Advance Photographer]
[for Photographer]
[for Photographer]

Use Title Case in your Titles (Capitalize the first letter in each word).

Visual Pursuits

WACC now uses Visual Pursuits for collection of images for competitions and Presentations.
The program will resize the images for you if your so inclined, or you can crop and resize them yourself by following the spectifications set out below.

There are serval video tutorials on the site to guide you through it.

Instructions for posting and entering images into Visual Pursuits.

There are instructions (kindly submitted by Win van Oosterwijck) which will help you, and is downloadable: here!
or another one here!

Member's Gallery

Instructions on creating a members Gallery, (kindly submitted by David Skinner) can be found: here!

Visual Pursuits Login: Visual Pursuits Logo

Electronic Digital Image Competitions

The Electronic Digital Image Competitions (or EDI Comp), now consist of both Advance Photographer & Photographer Grades, for EDI Colour and EDI Monochrome images.

Competition Information

  • A maximum of two entries per member, one in each section.
  • Images must be in JPEG format only.
  • Maximum horizontal size - 1920 pixels.
  • Maximum vertical size - 1080 pixels.
  • Resolution size - 300 pixels/inch. (Note: Not pixels/cm)
  • Entries are due on club nights and collected on computer. (If not specified)
  • Entries must be listed on the competition log sheet.

Preparing Images for EDI Competitions

Resizing a photo on a PC:
FastStone Logo Download "how to" sheets that will assist you to resizing your EDI images for our Camera Club Competitions, Resize with Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, FastStone Photo Resizer or IrfanView.

IfranView Logo Click here to download the FastStone Photo Resizer program, or the logo form the official site.
Click here to download the IrfanView program and the Plugins, from the official site.
Resizing a photo on a MAC Computer:
Download "how to" sheets for Preview on a MAC. or iPhoto on a MAC.
Click here for a Preview Video Tutorial.
Click here for a iPhoto Video Tutorial.

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