Club History Page 3 (Meeting Places)

Compiled by Paul Temple

Over the 60 years of existence the Wodonga/Albury Camera Club has had many homes, below the timeline of meeting places has been set out.

1953 to ? - Old RSL supper room
(Tom Conway Sports Store in High Street built on the site).
RSL Hall

? to 1959 - The Lands Department Office
(Dick Smith (Club Secretary) was the Senior Lands Department Inspector).

Lands Department

1960 to 1961 - CWA Hall, High Street, Wodonga
(CWA and Fire Station were demolished in 1983 and the Post Office was built on these two Sites).
CWA Hall

1962 to 1976 - Cultural Centre, High Street, Wodonga

(This is one of the old names used for the Community Education Centre).

Cultural Centre

1976 (August) to 1977 (April) - Methodist Church Hall, Wodonga
(This hall was opened in May 1961 and was located in Hovell Street. It was on the site where the police Station is now located).

1977 (May) to 1979 - Community Education Centre, High Street, Wodonga
Community Education Centre

1979 to 1986 - Continuing Education Centre, High Street, Wodonga

This was the first high school in Wodonga and is located next to the old Post Office. After the High School moved the building was used for further education and has a number of name changes. As part of this venue a darkroom was located across the road behind the old Library).

Old Library

1987 to 1988 - Senior Citizens Clubrooms, Civic Centre Wodonga

Senior Citizens

1988 to 1990 - Manual Activities Centre, Nowland Ave, North Albury

(Located next to the North Albury pool).

Manual Activities Centre

1991 to 1998 (September) - Gas and Fuel Building, Townsend Street and Hume Highway

(Meeting was held in the bottom corner room. After it was sold Snowy had a showroom. In 2004 Snowy's moved out and Plush Furniture moved in).
Gas and Fuel Building

1998 (October) to 1999 (March) - Albury High School, two different class rooms upstairs

(Meeting were held up stairs which was harder for the older members. This was a temporary place until a new one was found)..

Albury High School

1999 (April) to 2002 (May) - Albury Show Grounds, room behind the Secretary's Office
(This was a nice long room and we had print boards to hang our competition prints located within the room. It was cold in winter and hot in summer, but managed for two years. Paul Temple usually arrived early and placed flood lights outside for extra good lighting. After the Office burnt down (none of the club's possessions were lost) the meeting place was moved to the Pony Club Room closer to Fallon Street).

2002 (June) to 2002 (July) - Albury Show Grounds, Pony Club Room
(This room was used for the Photographic Competition each year. The club moved to this room for a temporary meeting room until we found a new location).
Albury Show Ground

2002 (August) to 2014 (July) - Lavington Panthers
The monthly meeting was usually held in the auditorium and sometimes in one of the two smaller function rooms. All these rooms were on the upper floor. Entry to the upper floor was located at the rear. These rooms were an enjoyment as they had air conditioning. From 2012 we had our own specially layout room down stairs. These facilities were given to us to use free of charge and we spent 12 wonderful years there, thank you Panthers. Unfortunately the club closed in August 2014.
Lavington Panthers

2014 (August) - North Albury Sports Club
The monthly meeting was a once off stop-gap and was held in the function room).

2014 (September) - Commercial Club Albury
Another stop-gap location during a search for a new home.
North Albury Sports and Commercial Clubs

2014 (October) to (Current) - Boomerang Hotel Complex Lavington
The new home of WACC for the foreseeable future. A great home for us as it provides meals before meetings, drinks before and after meetings combined with a friendly staff willing to please. Also a great venue for workshops, with on site accommodation if required for visitors
Entry to meeting is a $2 coin as the day of "Free" is over unfortunately.
Boomerang Hotel

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